PHPLeague for WP – Bug Tracker

= 1.2.6 =
* Stable release
= 1.2.6 =
* Impossible to add UTF-8 characters (venue, coach, club, league)
* Impossible to read correctly the logos on some servers
= 1.3 (Final Release) =
* NEW: Import/Export function
* FIX: Better UTF-8 characters management
* CHANGED: Update and finalize the documentation on the about page

= 1.2.6 =
* NEW: Possibility to add logos to every club
* NEW: Display a mini logo - if exists - in the table
* CHANGED: Teams ordered by country to be more user-friendly

= 1.2.5 =
* FIX: The formula to calculate the number of fixtures has been updated
* FIX: We cannot show a fixture if the favorite team is empty in front-end
* FIX: Redirected to the current fixture when adding a match/result
* CHANGED: Show a notice if the home and away team are identical
* CHANGED: Show a notice if a team is twice in a fixture
* CHANGED: Add a couple of new language strings and update the .pot file
* CHANGED: An irrelevant query in the results page has been removed
* CHANGED: The saving button has been moved in the fixtures page
* CHANGED: The bonus/malus input accepts now negative figure
* CHANGED: The bonus/malus calculation method is now inverted
* CHANGED: Rename the bonus/malus to be clearer
* CHANGED: Delete the attribute `unsigned` in the penalty field
* CHANGED: Database Version option has been upgraded to 1.2.1
* CHANGED: Overall UI lifting

= 1.2.4 =
* FIX: Drop 2 brackets causing issues in matches and results
* CHANGED: Remove last hardcoded strings in the editor
* CHANGED: Improve UI in the matches and results pages

= 1.2.3 =
* NEW: French Translation
* NEW: PHPLeague.pot is now available
* FIX: Activation and deactivation methods are now static
* CHANGED: Remove last hardcoded strings left even those in the menu

= 1.2.2 =
* FIX: ALTER a few fields in order to accept `NULL` value by default
* FIX: No more blank row when inserting matches in a "odd" league
* CHANGED: Database Version option has been upgraded to 1.2
* CHANGED: Activate method has been modified with the above

= 1.2.1 =
* FIX: The home/away table are now showing only the accurate data
* FIX: Possible to add numbers/dashes/points in the league name
* FIX: Possible to add numbers/dashes/points in the club name
* FIX: Little more security controls in the league's settings section
* CHANGED: Add security controls in the club's information edition mode
* CHANGED: New rule to validate the above `preg_match('/^[A-Za-z0-9_\-. ]{3,}$/', $name)`
* CHANGED: Move the rendering method in a dedicated library

= 1.2 =
* NEW: PHPLeague button available in the editor
* NEW: New roles available (manage_phpleague and phpleague)
* NEW: Possibility to have an odd number of teams in a league
* CHANGED: Improvements during the results generation

= 1.1 =
* NEW: Possibility to rename a league and change his year
* CHANGED: Display table once generated
* CHANGED: Remove setting/competition/season tables
* CHANGED: New fields in the league table from old tables
* CHANGED: Remove last hardcoded strings left
* CHANGED: Enhance plugin security by using nonces
* CHANGED: Administration interface improvements (essentially the pagination)
* CHANGED: Minor PHP & SQL improvements
* REMOVED: pagination_fixtures() has been removed

= 1.0 =
* Initial release!

Last update: 22/09/2011

22 thoughts on “PHPLeague for WP – Bug Tracker

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  2. Hi Mika, well done for this plugin. It’s seems very promising. However, I have a question : why we do not have the possibility to use numbers in the league name ? What a pity I can not create the French League or German League with the correct name (“Ligue 1″ and “1. Bundesliga”). Could it be possible in a feature release ?

    So, I look forward the premium release. I’ll be your first costumer :)

    • I’ll take care of that for the next release. Didn’t think about that, I was only thinking about spaces because I needed them for Premier League.

      Consider it done!

      And I will update the rule for the club name as well (1. FC N├╝rnberg)…

      Think I will release it tomorrow with the minor changes I’ve already made.


  3. Dear Max!

    I am the owner of a blog about FC Groningen (dutch soccerteam). I was looking forward to use your WP Plugin! He looked very functional.

    But when i want to install it, he gaves an error:

    Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/martisa51/domains/ on line 474

    I hope you can fix this!
    Sorry for my bad English

    The Netherlands

    • Hi Martin,

      That’s kinda weird. What’s your PHP version?

      A quick fix for you might to do the following:

      public function run_install_or_upgrade($table_name, $sql, $db_version)
      public static function run_install_or_upgrade($table_name, $sql, $db_version)

      then for every
      $this->run_install_or_upgrade($wpdb->club, $sql, $db_version);
      replace with this
      self::run_install_or_upgrade($wpdb->club, $sql, $db_version);

      Must be working fine with that to install it. In the next release, I will update those method and make sure they’re static.

  4. Bug: not enough fixtures when playing 1 leg – to replicate:

    - Add 6 teams
    - Choose 1 leg (everybody plays eachother once)
    - Games: 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 15
    - I get 4 fixtures with 3 games = 12

    • Hi,

      You’re absolutely right. I need to modify the formula.

      If someone is really good in math, I’ll be pleased to have a little help on this one :)

      1 leg:
      2 teams: 1 fixture
      3 teams: 3 fixtures
      4 teams: 3 fixtures
      5 teams: 5 fixtures
      6 teams: 5 fixtures

      Formula: (nb_teams – nb_legs) * nb_teams

      2 legs:
      2 teams: 2 fixtures
      3 teams: 6 fixtures
      4 teams: 6 fixtures
      5 teams: 10 fixtures
      6 teams: 10 fixtures

      (nb_teams * nb_legs) – nb_legs

      3 legs:
      2 teams: 3 fixtures
      3 teams: 9 fixtures
      4 teams: 9 fixtures

      EDIT: I think I got it right (anyone to confirm?)

      nb legs = odd/even (does not matter)
      nb teams = odd : nb teams * nb legs
      nb teams = even : (nb teams * nb legs) – nb legs


  5. Hello Mikaweb

    I am using your script and I like it very much,but I have one question.

    Is there any option to disable your favorite team for league fixtures, because I want to show all fixtures in my post, not just for one team..Hope u understand what I am looking for.

    • Hi,

      I see what you mean and that’s something I wanted to propose only in the Premium. Finally, it will appear in the Core Edition. I’m adding this feature on my to-do-list and make sure it’s available for the next release.



  6. hello!Mikaweb!

    It’s work!Hope it can be useful! :-)
    So beautiful layout you did

    Do plugin display the ranking at the sidebar?
    just like FAPL( website,ranking tab on the right.

    Thanks ^__^


  7. No widget mode at the moment. I’ll create one and only one for the Core Edition.

    Hopefully, the version 1.3 will be release soon with the latest features before starting the Premium Edition.

    I have to fix a few things but basically, you got everything you might need for that kind of plugin with the Core Edition.


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