PHPLeague for WP – A new Release and a Step-by-Step Manual


A quite important version has been released with few changes. Your database has been impacted by that new version but fortunately not so many changes.

I’ve added four more countries in your list (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and the penalty field has been modified to accept the negative figure which is very helpful to manage our Bonus/Malus points.

The User Interface has been updated as you might see and I finally kicked out the saving button in your fixtures page (he’s now at the top).

A couple of optimizations have been made in the code to reduce SQL queries and irrelevant variables. A couple of new notices are appearing with this release in order to avoid duplication in your database. It is now impossible to add twice a team – by mistake I presume – in your fixture.

Another good change is when you’re updating your matches and results, you don’t need to comeback, through the pagination system, on the latest fixture you were. It’s done automatically.

In the front-end part, if you don’t add a favorite team in your league’s settings and you don’t provide a correct “id_team =”, nothing will be showed to the user.

I’ve seen that my “little” explanations in the About sub-menu where not enough so a new Documentation webpage is now available in here as a step-by-step manual:

Thank you for all the feedback I received to build this release (it took most of my afternoon but worth it).


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