PHPLeague for WP – Release 1.2.6

A small update has been released today. It’s now possible to assign to your club a logo and display that logo in your tables.

If you want to play with those, you must create a “phpleague” folder with 2 sub-folders (“logo_mini” & “logo_big“) in your “uploads” directory.

I noticed an issue with my production server configuration, I had to remove a small piece of code from a function located in the “phpleague/libs/mwd-plugin-tools.php” file.

public function return_dir_files($path = NULL, $extension = array('png')) {
	$path = dir($path);
	if ( ! is_dir($path->read())) {
	$logo_mini = array();
	$logo_list = array(-1 => __('-- Select your logo --', 'phpleague'));
	while (($file = $path->read()) !== FALSE) {
	  if (in_array(substr($file, -3), $extension)) {
	     $logo_mini[] = trim($file);
	$c = count($logo_mini);
	for ($i = 0; $i < $c; $i++) {
		$logo_list[$logo_mini[$i]] = $logo_mini[$i];
	return $logo_list;

You might need to remove this:

if ( ! is_dir($path->read())) {

Let me know if you encounter some issues with this release.

About the future: I’m going to start this week-end to develop the Premium Edition and the Core one will be put on freeze period.

The only things I’ll still implement in the Core are the bug fixes integrated in the Premium and a couple of new features like showing the club information or adding the import/export functions in order to migrate your data from the Core to the Premium Edition.


PHPLeague for WP – A new Release and a Step-by-Step Manual


A quite important version has been released with few changes. Your database has been impacted by that new version but fortunately not so many changes.

I’ve added four more countries in your list (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and the penalty field has been modified to accept the negative figure which is very helpful to manage our Bonus/Malus points.

The User Interface has been updated as you might see and I finally kicked out the saving button in your fixtures page (he’s now at the top).

A couple of optimizations have been made in the code to reduce SQL queries and irrelevant variables. A couple of new notices are appearing with this release in order to avoid duplication in your database. It is now impossible to add twice a team – by mistake I presume – in your fixture.

Another good change is when you’re updating your matches and results, you don’t need to comeback, through the pagination system, on the latest fixture you were. It’s done automatically.

In the front-end part, if you don’t add a favorite team in your league’s settings and you don’t provide a correct “id_team =”, nothing will be showed to the user.

I’ve seen that my “little” explanations in the About sub-menu where not enough so a new Documentation webpage is now available in here as a step-by-step manual:

Thank you for all the feedback I received to build this release (it took most of my afternoon but worth it).


Maintenance Version 1.2.4 Released

Hello guys,

A new maintenance version has been released yesterday in order to fix few issues with the database and the league tabs.

One or two cosmetic changes have been made too and from now on, you can translate the plugin in your own language. A PHPLeague.potfile is available in the “i18n” folder.

Find more about the modifications in PHPLeague for WordPress with the following changelog:

= 1.2.4 =
* FIX: Drop 2 brackets causing issues in matches and results
* CHANGED: Remove last hardcoded strings in the editor
* CHANGED: Improve UI in the matches and results pages

= 1.2.3 =
* NEW: French Translation
* NEW: PHPLeague.pot is now available
* FIX: Activation and deactivation methods are now static
* CHANGED: Remove last hardcoded strings left in the menu

= 1.2.2 =
* FIX: ALTER a few fields in order to accept default `NULL` value
* FIX: No more blank row when inserting matches in a "odd" league
* CHANGED: Database Version option has been upgraded to 1.2
* CHANGED: Activate method has been modified with the above

PHPLeague for WP – Maintenance Release V1.2.1

Hi guys,

I’ve taken care of the feedback from yesterday and a little maintenance version has been released few minutes ago.

This release should be the second last before I officialize that PHPLeague for WP is stable enough in his current Core edition.

So, keep sending your good ideas because it won’t last. Very soon, I’ll integrate all your requests in the Premium edition except for security or bug fixes releases.



PHPLeague for WordPress 1.2 now available!

Hello guys,

I wasn’t expecting to release an update before the end of the week but I finally chose to do so.

This new release is a minor update but PHPLeague will become even more comfortable to play with. From now, it’s possible to use the new PHPLeague button in the editor when the WYSIWYG mode is enabled.

Another useful update is the possibility to deal with a league having an odd number of teams. Thanks to coachelwyn for the request.

You should see the new release available in your administration panel or you can grab the new version from the WordPress repository: PHPLeague for WP.

Don’t forget to recommend the plugin if you like it!

First Update for PHPLeague for WP


The least I can say is that the past hours have been really exciting for PHPLeague. I took the day to optimize the Core edition and it has been a great success.

3 tables have been dropped of the database. Less queries in the front-area, css & js have been optimized and minified.

And from now on, the plugin is officially available on the WP Plugin Repository:

The current stable release is the: 1.2.3

PHPLeague for WordPress has been released!

Good evening everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that the first stable release of PHPleague for WordPress is now available.

You can find the temporary download link and more information about this release on this page while the plugin is under validation on the WordPress Subversion:

Here we go:

I’ll be pleased to receive all your feedback in order to make sure PHPLeague for WP is on the right track.

M. Dizerens

PHPLeague – Presentation

PHPLeague has been developed by Alexis Mangin (a long time ago) in order to help people managing their own sports league. Although it has been created specifically to manage a football (soccer) league, you can use it without any worries to manage your handall, volleyball, basketball or even ice-hockey leagues.

Some core architectural optimizations dedicated to those sports might appear later on but keep in mind that football is my primary target at the moment. It may accelerate if I see people continuously asking for changes.

PHPLeague has a simple aim: Be available for the most people as possible. In order to achieve this objective, I started to develop a WordPress plugin to reach a huge community of web-masters. This plugin is almost ready and a first stable release will be available soon before the end of the month.

I decided to divide PHPLeague into two different editions:

The first one – called “core” – will be free for everybody both under WordPress and as a standalone application. The Core edition will stay as simple as possible with the basic features you’ll need to setup and manage your leagues.

The second one – called “premium” – won’t be free and would cost a little bit more than 25$ (lifetime upgrades included). The Premium edition will contain all the features you may need to run a full sports league management website.

Both editions will be updated from time to time with new features (only Premium) and security fixes if required. The Premium edition is built on top of the Core edition so it’ll be very easy to migrate from the basic one and the great think about PHPLeague is that you can export your database to run it under WordPress or far away from the famous blog system.

A bug tracker and a wish-list must be available soon to give you the chance to propose new features and to discuss about the application. At the moment, it’s not an option developing PHPLeague to run under any other applications like Dotclear, Drupal, or phpBB so please, don’t ask for it.

Find a comparison table in here to help you choose the best edition for your needs:

PHPLeague for WP – Tables Examples

I wasn’t expecting to be able to setup a little demo on my blog before the end of the week but here we are.

On this page you can see an example of what you got when you want to display a league’s table.

To show this beautiful table on your WP system, you’ll need only four more queries than usually. And it’s a piece of cake to add it on your WordPress.

The “core” version needs only 7 new tables and less than 1MB on your server in order to be fully functional. All those tables are going to be installed automatically during the plugin’s activation. You can also deactivate PHPLeague and keep your tables safe.

Stay tuned to see more features from the Core version during the week (probably on Friday).

Are you Table?

Pos Team Pts P W D L F A +/-
1Manchester United803823114783741
3Manchester City71382189603327
4Arsenal  Arsenal683819118724329
9Aston Villa  Aston Villa48381212144859-11
11West Bromwich47381211155671-15
13Stoke City4638137184648-2
14Bolton  Bolton46381210165256-4
15Blackburn  Blackburn43381110174659-13
18Birmingham City3938815153758-21
20West Ham3338712194471-27

or Fixtures?

Date Fixture Match Score
Sun 15, 16:001Liverpool - Arsenal1 - 1
Sat 21, 15:002Arsenal - Blackpool6 - 0
Sat 28, 12:003Blackburn - Arsenal1 - 2
Sat 11, 15:004Arsenal - Bolton4 - 1
Sat 18, 17:005Sunderland - Arsenal1 - 1
Sat 25, 15:006Arsenal - West Bromwich2 - 3
Sun 3, 16:007Chelsea - Arsenal2 - 0
Sat 16, 15:008Arsenal - Birmingham City2 - 1
Sun 24, 16:009Manchester City - Arsenal0 - 3
Sat 30, 15:0010Arsenal - West Ham1 - 0
Sun 7, 13:0011Arsenal - Newcastle0 - 1
Wed 10, 19:0012Wolverhampton - Arsenal0 - 2
Sun 14, 14:0013Everton - Arsenal1 - 2
Sun 21, 13:0014Arsenal - Tottenham2 - 3
Sat 27, 12:0015Aston Villa - Arsenal2 - 4
Sat 4, 15:0016Arsenal - Fulham2 - 1
Sat 11, 15:0017Manchester United - Arsenal1 - 0
Sat 18, 15:0018Arsenal - Stoke City1 - 0
Sun 26, 13:0019Arsenal - Chelsea3 - 1
Tue 28, 15:0020Wigan - Arsenal2 - 2
Sun 2, 14:0021Birmingham City - Arsenal0 - 3
Tue 4, 20:0022Arsenal - Manchester City0 - 0
Sat 15, 15:0023West Ham - Arsenal0 - 3
Sat 22, 15:0024Arsenal - Wigan3 - 0
Tue 1, 20:0025Arsenal - Everton2 - 1
Sat 5, 15:0026Newcastle - Arsenal4 - 4
Sat 12, 15:0027Arsenal - Wolverhampton2 - 0
Sat 26, 15:0028Tottenham - Arsenal3 - 3
Sat 5, 15:0029Arsenal - Sunderland0 - 0
Sat 19, 15:0030West Bromwich - Arsenal2 - 2
Sat 2, 15:0031Arsenal - Blackburn0 - 0
Sat 9, 15:0032Blackpool - Arsenal1 - 3
Sat 16, 15:0033Arsenal - Liverpool1 - 1
Sat 23, 15:0034Bolton - Arsenal2 - 1
Sat 30, 15:0035Arsenal - Manchester United1 - 0
Sat 7, 15:0036Stoke City - Arsenal3 - 1
Sat 14, 15:0037Arsenal - Aston Villa1 - 2
Sun 22, 16:0038Fulham - Arsenal2 - 2

Best Home Table

Pos Team Pts P W D L F A +/-
1Manchester United55191810491237
3Manchester City43191342341222
5Arsenal  Arsenal37191144331518
7Bolton  Bolton35191054342410
8Stoke City34191045311813
10Aston Villa  Aston Villa311987426197
12West Bromwich301986530300
13Blackburn  Blackburn281977522166
17Birmingham City26196851922-3
19West Ham20195592431-7

Best Away Table

Pos Team Pts P W D L F A +/-
1Arsenal  Arsenal3119874392811
2Manchester City281984726215
5Manchester United2519510429254
13West Bromwich171945102641-15
14Aston Villa  Aston Villa171945102240-18
15Blackburn  Blackburn151943122443-19
16Birmingham City131927101836-18
17West Ham131927102040-20
18Stoke City121933131530-15
20Bolton  Bolton111925121832-14

Hello, guys! That’s my first paper about PHPLeague

Welcome on Board!

We are in September 2013 and I finally decided to start a blog online…

This blog will act as a forum dedicated to the greatest sports league management application: PHPLeague.

PHPLeague was launched many years ago by a French developer but he wasn’t able to continue his fantastic job so I’ve decided to pursue and improve his legacy.

Stay tuned to discover more information…