First Update for PHPLeague for WP


The least I can say is that the past hours have been really exciting for PHPLeague. I took the day to optimize the Core edition and it has been a great success.

3 tables have been dropped of the database. Less queries in the front-area, css & js have been optimized and minified.

And from now on, the plugin is officially available on the WP Plugin Repository:

The current stable release is the: 1.2.3

13 thoughts on “First Update for PHPLeague for WP

  1. Doesnt seem to be anywhere to get support for this plugin yet, just a question.

    I am trying to setup my local soccer league, but have one problem leaguemanager doesnt support uneven league tables, or am I missing something?

  2. Hi,

    What do you mean by uneven? The number of teams in the league? No, not yet because we don’t really have uneven leagues in Europe (I’m based on that mainly).

    If this is what you need, I’ll give it a shot to include this feature in the next release.


    • Thanks, I have 11 teams in a minor womens league in a rural town thats wot I need it for.
      It works ok with the nogame* as the 12 team in the league, not ideal but its a nice plugin so worth playing with, well done.

  3. I’ve made the changes and it’s working fine in my development environment. I’ll make few more tests and hopefully it will be on the WP repository tonight or tomorrow. Good news is that there isn’t any modifications on the database, only PHP files.

    I still need to add the PHPLeague button in the editor area to be more user-friendly with this “new” release. You’ll see in your admin area once it’s online.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  4. I am looking to run as American Flag Football plugin, do you have the premium version available yet?

    Also, is there a way to make multiple divisions in one league?

    Thanks for any help! I am moving from a php nuke league to wordpress and need something user friendly.

  5. The Premium version will be release the next month or maybe a little bit before but no guarantee.

    It’s currently not possible to make multiple divisions but that’s something I can add (Premium only). The way I see it, you can already create your divisions then, later, it should be possible to merge them into one single league.

    Is there any specific rules for your American Flag Football? It’s similar to AF, right?

    I’m taking all your ideas in consideration with great pleasure. I’m developing this plugin because I need it for my personal website which is not under WordPress yet…still waiting for a complete league/players system.

    • Well, I actually need something today………. I have a league starting this week and need to get schedules up. As of now, I am using the League Manager plugin.

      I am stating American Football, because most football plug ins refer to soccer in the open source world.

      Let me know if I can help you out at all.


      • Hi,

        I’m sorry but it won’t be possible. My current Arsenal website might be OK for your needs but I didn’t transfer all the functions in my Premium plugin yet.


  6. Do you have your fully operational site I may view?

    Also, I was able to go and hard code the top headers for the table like I wanted. I just need to figure out one of the formulas to product the PCT of games won.

    The other thing is I run multiple seasons in a year and the system automatically adds 2013/12 the 12 to the end which is counter productive for me.

    Let me know if you have time to assist.


  7. Well, I stepped down with few options but you can have a look in here:
    You got on the homepage the monthly fixtures with a ranking table.
    Main Table:
    Individual Fixtures: (also possible to have ALL of them in the same page)
    Few stats: (was really heavy before so I kept something pretty simple)
    Players stats:
    Live Comment System:
    And I’ve got the Prediction system for connected users. You might find some pictures here:

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